Our main forms of communication are our website and our monthly newsletter. Please make sure you are reading the newsletter each month to find out about meetings, sports schedules, social activities, service opportunities, graduation information, used books for sale, etc.  Also, we now have a Facebook page called HEARTS for the Lord.  Please join it for up to date information about HEARTS.​

HEARTS is not responsible for students riding with other student drivers.

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their student is dropped off for class on time and that they get into the building safely. Students should come directly into the building and be respectful of others’ property.  The church does not permit us to utilize any of their grounds, including the front lawn and flower beds; the pond and surrounding area are also strictly prohibited.  Please be careful in the parking lot.

Remain quiet in the hallways. Parents, please refrain from talking in the hallway during class times. If you need to talk with someone, please step outside to do so.

The GUMC network for internet access is off-limits to students.  This network is only for teachers or supervisors who are at HEARTS all day.

A study hall is provided at GUMC for students who are in-between classes as a supervised study time.  There is no charge for these study halls. Our Standards of Conduct apply during study hall.

Students may:

  • work quietly and individually (Students may NOT talk during study hall as we share a room with another class)
  • sleep
  • use their iPods quietly
  • eat and drink as long as students are cleaning up after themselves
  • NOT sit on tables
  • NOT talk on cell phones during study hall, but texting is okay
  • must obey the instructions of the hall monitor and study hall monitor at all times
  • If students would like to work on a group project during study hall, please ask the study hall monitor or GUMC supervisor if there is an empty room to work in.

No cell phones will be used during classes.

***Parents, please do not text or call your students during class as this has been found to be very disruptive. You may text during study hall or lunch. If you need to make contact with your student or the volunteers at GUMC, please use the phone numbers listed for the HEARTS on-site supervisors.

Students staying during the lunch break are to remain on-site.  They should bring food with them to HEARTS since there is not enough time to leave the premises to get lunch. All lunches will be consumed in the Fellowship Hall. No food is allowed in the classrooms so students need to make sure they get enough to eat during the lunch break or eat a quick snack between classes.

Students may use the sink, counter, and microwave in the kitchen. However, students may not sit on the counters or use any of GUMC’s kitchen items or supplies. Doing so may cause us to lose the use of GUMC. Check the microwave after you use it and clean it immediately if anything has spilled. Continuing to microwave with spills causes the food to be extremely difficult to remove later.

Students may go outside to a designated area after eating lunch when an adult volunteer is available to monitor. NOTE: Students will need to listen to, obey, and respect the adult monitor at all times. Anyone that does not do this will cause outside privileges to be suspended for everyone. All students, those inside and outside, are responsible for helping clean the kitchen and fellowship hall before being dismissed to class.

Although all students are to remain on site, juniors and seniors who have no class either 2nd or 3rd period may leave at lunch with written permission from their parent.  Parents must grant their approval by signing a permission sheet, in person, which will be maintained by the Facility Supervisor.  Keep in mind, HEARTS is not responsible for students when they are off-site.

Students are expected to clean their rooms each time a class or lunch ends. Before leaving, place all trash in trash cans, place glass/cans/paper in the recycle bin, check around the room for personal items, and push your chair back into place. After the last period, students will help teachers clean their classrooms before leaving. This includes cleaning the dry erase board, wiping down the tables, cleaning up the floor (vacuuming if necessary), and emptying the trash into the kitchen trash cans.  After lunch, students must push back tables and wipe them down, hang up chairs, and vacuum before the next class begins.

Bathrooms are a sufficient size for only one person at a time.

We do not have space to store lost and found items. Check with the supervisor if you’ve lost anything, otherwise items not collected within a week will be thrown away or donated.

If your student is sick, please do not send them to school. We have several parents, teachers, and students with suppressed immune systems. We have tissues and hand sanitizer in every room. Please speak to your students about health safety.

HEARTS members and alumni may post classified ads in the monthly HEARTS Newsletter. This is a benefit of being a HEARTS member. HEARTS members may advertise for themselves or for someone whose service they have used or are currently using as long as the HEARTS member includes his/her own name and contact info. HEARTS alumni may ONLY post a classified ad for himself or herself. All ads are subject to Steering Committee oversight.

If Loudoun County schools are closed, we are closed.
If Loudoun County schools are delayed one hour, we will meet on time.
If Loudoun County schools are delayed two hours, HEARTS 1st period classes ONLY are cancelled. The rest of the day will go on as scheduled. Plan on coming to 2nd period at regular time (10:30am). If we are holding classes and people decide not to come due to the weather, they should email or call their teacher and let them know.
Make-Up classes have been built into the class schedule.