Dress Code

Galilee United Methodist Church has been a welcoming and hospitable church body, allowing us the use of their facilities for many years.  We want to show our respect for them and their church community by the way we conduct ourselves at HEARTS.  Our conduct is reflected in our treatment of their property as well as our appearance, speech and behavior while in their facility.  Kindly read the HEARTS Standards of Conduct carefully.

We ask that when coming to classes at HEARTS, everyone dress in a manner that reflects modesty as well respect for others. The following specifics may be helpful to you:

Please refrain from wearing clothing that shows undergarments.  This should require no explanation, but just in case… this would include the following:

  •  pants below boxers
  •  see-through fabrics
  •  shirt styles that reveal bra straps or cami straps
  •  camisoles that are not layered under sweaters and t-shirts (cami straps may not be seen)
  •  low-rise jeans unaccompanied by a shirt that provides adequate coverage
  •  off-the-shoulder shirts (unless they are layered with a full-coverage tank)
  •  see-through sheer or lace tops with only a camisole underneath (a t-shirt or full-coverage sleeveless shirt underneath is acceptable)

Looking carefully and discerningly in the mirror is always a good practice.  Prudence may suggest moving around in an outfit before leaving home to make sure that it does not move in an upward or downward manner that would leave cause for concern.

Kindly remember the following guidelines when dressing for classes:

  •  SKIRT hems no more than three inches above the knee
  •  SHORTS hems must be below the tips of the fingers when standing
  •  LEGGINGS or excessively tight pants are to be paired with tunics or long shirts
  •  LOW NECKLINES should be paired with shirts for layering
  •  PAJAMAS and LOUNGE PANTS are not appropriate school attire
  •  Please remember that SHOES must be worn at all times

Please feel free to be as stylish or as casual as you wish within these parameters. This may be a good opportunity to practice business casual if you are thinking of business as a college major. (Several of the college campuses have gone to requiring business casual during school hours while saving jeans and comfy wear for after 5pm.)

We are not attempting to legislate modesty, or in any way make a statement about a “Christian” way to dress, but simply to create an environment when we’re at GUMC that glorifies God by showing respect for one another and the believers that fellowship at this church. What each family chooses to wear outside of HEARTS activities is a personal freedom we exercise in Christ.

Our speech and behavior are intended to be instruments of praise.  The leadership at Galilee has been blessed by our students.  They have even called upon us at times to join them in ministry or to help them with a job at the facility.  This relationship blesses us immensely.  Let’s continue to work together in our community to always act in a way that demonstrates how much we value their people, property and premises.