Disciplinary Policies

Monitors have authority over students during their time at HEARTS. If a student refuses to obey any of the adults at GUMC, they will be sent to the HEARTS Supervisor. Parents and teachers must be consistent in holding students accountable to all of HEARTS Class Policies and Standards of Conduct.

The HEARTS Supervisor is the ultimate HEARTS authority at GUMC.  During the school day, a HEARTS Supervisor will be on-site, assisting the teachers, volunteers and students.

We believe that HEARTS students are old enough and capable of taking responsibility for their own actions; therefore we will always try to resolve issues between the student and the offended party first.

In order to maintain control and minimize disruptions in the classrooms, the following procedures will be used to help resolve disciplinary issues.

  • The teacher will attempt to resolve the situation in the classroom.
  • If the situation continues and the teacher has been unsuccessful in dealing with it, they will contact the parents directly.
  • The teacher will contact the HEARTS Steering Committee if the parents do not respond or if the situation does not resolve.  The student may be suspended or expelled from class. This is an absolute last resort to be taken only after every other effort has failed.

** NOTE: Turning in missing assignments due to discipline issues is the responsibility of the student.  It is the teacher’s prerogative to accept the work or to decline it.